Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Mercy

T here checking in on a Tuesday to let you know about 23 of my friends that need lots of help.  Some of you might know that Mom helps out with the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue in those few moments of free time that she has.  Well a few days ago Mom told me that some of the volunteers went on mission to help out as many of my friends that were "surviving" as best they could in a puppy mill. To get them into some loving arms and a safe and healthy environment.

You can read about and see all of my 23 friends HERE . Those big hearted humans at the rescue are taking care of them.  Some of my friends are going to need quite a bit of some medical attention, if you are interested in donating to the cause you can do so HERE.

Thank You everyone for taking a minute to read about my friends, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.  Mom even says she will donate 10% of her SHOPS sales to Project Mercy so you can buy some fun vintage and help out that way also.

*The Picture is of Laverne & Shirley  they came from the puppy mill and are house guests with my friend LuLu*


Monday, April 29, 2013

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Wrap Up

Over the weekend my friend "Get off My Balls" and I were apart of the Chicago Outfit's extended family as we vended some of the Jadarie Handmade Upcycled Handbags among other treasures we brought.  The roller derby was so much fun and our girls won which was the cherry on the sundae!

There was a point I took a break and walked up to the balcony to check out the main event of the Outfit Girls vs. Nashville, you can see a little bit of the action in the back ground in this picture.  I hadn't been to a roller derby in a few years so I had to read the "How the Scoring Works"  in the program to refresh my memory, with how the Jammer scores the points.  It really helped, and it was so much fun.  It would be super fun to be able to be a roller derby girl, but I'm ok supporting these amazing athletes off the track.  

 We hope to be out at another bout this summer so watch our Facebook events page for details. 

 Also, Thank You so much to those of you that came out and took home a small piece of my heart and soul with you.  I hope that you enjoy your one of a kind handbag.  


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vintage Garage Recap

The Vintage Garage serendipitously happened over Earth Day weekend here in Chicago.  And really when you think about it what is better for Mother Earth then buying vintage anything and using it in your everyday?

While at the show I got to meet up with some of my customers, put a face to a few twitter and facebook friends, as well as catch up with my vintage Etsy Street Team Leader.  Oh and a bunch of stuff found new forever homes which was really the entire point of doing the show I guess not just socializing.

I also came across a few new shops that sucked me in with of course their vintage camera inventory, repurposed items, and general arrangement of cool treasures.

The first booth that I stopped in that caught my eye was Sugarcookielady  Susan has such a great eye and a great assortment from housewares to clothing to some awesome vintage school maps that I almost had to adopt but held myself back. 

Martha from Open Door Studio drew me in right away with her display here of vintage cameras, thermoses, and of course Pyrex! 

Greg from Hatch't Design Co. had a whole booth of re-purposed items, this hand drill turned into a desk light was great.  He spoke with me for a few minutes about how his creations come about and it really is a great process that he has a great passion for. 

Thank you to everyone that came out the the Garage on Sunday, hope you found some great treasure, we will be back in action at the June market, so mark your calendar for June 16!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Everyone... even though really every day should be Earth Day!  As you know my way of making a living and paying the bills is finding new homes for vintage cast offs as well as giving new life to tired and neglected fabric one hand bag at a time.

Recycling and re purposing is not only trendy right now, but it helps the earth and all of us in the long run. Shopping second hand gives you individuality, anyone can go into any box store and purchase what ever it is that they are looking for as well as the next thousand people that walk into the box store across the country.  Walking into a second hand store to me is like being handed a treasure map and  being challenged to find something unique.

Shopping second hand all started when my group of  high school friends were very much into going over to the local Goodwill and finding ridiculous t-shirts from the 70’s and t-shirts that had ridiculous sayings on them.  That was the thing to do when we were bored, now pay attention I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, this is what we did when we weren’t cow tipping (just kidding, we rarely did things like that).   Any who back to the task at hand, on one of our Goodwill adventures I broke off from the group and went in search of things other then t-shirts and I found this super awesome vintage US Navy issued peacoat (as in from a  real Sailor named Kent his name is written in permanent marker inside) and this peacoat was $5 I was sold.  It was July but I made my purchase, brought it home and bust it out every January as it's the warmest coat I own.

From that peacoat purchase brought a whole new fascination with second hand stores. While my friends were looking for t-shirts I would roam around and find some super awesome stuff which at that time I did not have a use for.  Fast forward 10 years later and I now can be found at various thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales (when in season in the Midwest) on a weekly basis.  I like that I can find unique items that someone else has cast off but still has some life in it for me and more then likely I will be the only one wearing said item.  
I hope that  each of you that reads this blog will do something today that is good for the earth, go to your local second hand store and see what you can find.  I will be spending the rest of the afternoon turning a pile of fabric into one of a kind handbags, you know just trying to save the earth one upcyled handbag at a time.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Garage & The Belber Trunk To Hold Your Junk

This Sunday April 21st is the Vintage Garage Chicagos' Season Opener.  Word on the street has it that there are going to be well over 100 vendors with quality vintage merchandise at the show.  I'm going to give all of you faithful friends a preview of one of the unique pieces that I will be bringing.  On top of this gem I will also have many small items similar to those items in the Junk Shop.   

Now let's talk about the Belber Wardrobe Trunk. 

The Belber Trunk & Bag Company was one of many companies that made a variety of trunks during the late 1800s and 1900s. Belber Trunk & Bag Company was founded in 1891. In 1920, Belber's manufacturing facility operated out of the Larkin/Belber building in Philadelphia.  This trunk is a  wardrobe style. In the July 1920 issue ofCosmopolitan, a Belber ad described the trunk as follows... "A Belber wardrobe trunk is a closet and dresser combined. Clothes hang up on hangers - place for shoes, for hats, for underwear, for laundry, for small accessories. Everything kept neat and orderly - nothing mussed or wrinkled. No more trouble than to pack it than to hang things in a closet - and you needn't unpack it at all. Simply take things out when you want them and place them back again when you are through." 


This gem would be great in a small city apartment acting as a linen closet, in a studio to hold various supplies, or act as a coffee table or end table.  This is the 2nd complete wardrobe steamer trunk, and it will be up for grabs at the Garage on Sunday.  Just make sure that if you are interested in this beauty that you bring a friend along to help cause she's heavy.  I'm not sure how bell hops and stewards maneuvered these guys when they were full of someones possessions. 

The Vintage Garage is this Sunday, April 21 from 9 am - 5 pm and is located at 5051 N. Broadway in Chicago.  You can find all of the pertinent information HERE.  The event goes rain or shine as it is held in a parking ramp structure.  Hope I see some of you on Sunday!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday with T: Vintage Garage Prep

Happy Thursday Everyone,  T here taking over the social media for the day.  Mom is in full show mode, she's getting ready for something called the Vintage Garage that's happening on Sunday.  Show mode means our house is full of really good old smelling stuff that I have to keep walking around, until we pack it up in boxes.

We've been busy washing lots of things mom drinks her water out of, looking at these things in paper boxes with lots of little plastic pieces that I try and steal, wrapping things in paper that must be special, and taking pictures of big things that I want to climb in. 

Mom tells me that she's going to have a preview on here tomorrow of some of the goodies she is going to have at the show, so stay tuned. I'm trying to talk her into letting me come with to the show on Sunday cause it's no fun to stay at home with Grandpa when her and Nana will be meeting so many new people. I told her that I need to make new friends too, so hopefully I will see you on Sunday with my new bow tie.

Well I've got to get back to work, Mom just opened up a new box and there are some interesting sounding toys that are just begging for me to play with and hide under the bed.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Gatsby

The Great Gatsby might actually be my favorite book of all time, and this year it would turn 88 years old. I think since the time I was assigned to read it in high school American Lit I've read it at least a dozen times, maybe more, I'm a nerd and I have come to terms with it. 

There are two things that I love about Gatsby, first are the words, and second is that it takes place in Manhattan and the Hampton's. Fitzgerald uses words that we just don't have in our vocabulary anymore these days, but describes the situation in such detail that my imagination takes it and runs with it. The situations in the novel however, were ahead of their time or at least burning the trail for scenes from today's reality shows to be part of our day to day.

Gatsby not only tells the tale of a time in our country when there was a definite line between the social classes, gin was forbidden, and love affairs were the norm.  It also tells of a time when everyone dressed so elegantly and elaborately,  women in those days would not think of leaving the house with out their make up perfect, gloves on even when it was 90 degrees and every part of their outfit matching and put together.  A time when men wore suits, bow ties, hats and their pants weren't falling down, looking dapper every single day.  It was a time when appearances were everything and pushing the limits was scandalous and entertaining.

In a few weeks the new Gatsby movie comes out and I can already see the resurgence of 1920's fashion not only in women's drop waisted dresses but also in more men wearing bow ties. The other night I was out and saw a gentleman that had a Gatsby era ensemble on, sweater vest, bow tie, well fitting pants, mustache and vintage newsboy hat.  I even made up a story about him, how I thought he was a writer and was aspiring to be this generations Fitzgerald. He was very well put together and it just proves that trends always come back around.  

I will leave you now with my most favorite of quotes from Gatsby:

Have you ever read Gatsby or what is a book you have read over and over?


Friday, April 12, 2013

Annette Funicello

I know I am tardy to the party with writing about Annette Funicello but I was a bit sad when I found out that we had lost her beautiful soul.   I remember building blanket forts at my Grandmothers house, eating my fancy snack of cream cheese on Ritz crackers, drinking Ginger Ale and watching re-runs of the very first Mickey Mouse Club as well as those amazing beach blanket movies and Babes in Toyland on repeat with Annette and Franki Avalon.

I just wanted to post some to the beautiful pictures of Annette and some of the quotes she said that I think are pretty great.

Aren't those some very true words?  Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" Amen!

Do you have any memories of Annette??  Off to watch Beach Blanket Bingo, drink a Ginger Ale and update the shop.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursdays with T : Indy's Gone to the Bulldogs

Hello Everyone T here.  I talked Mom into letting me take over Thursdays here on the le blog to give you some perspective what it's like to work for Junk in da Trunk Girls.  Since all Mom seems to be talking about on here and her Facebook is our trip to Indianapolis I figured I'd tell you about it from my opinion.

It was the weekend before my birthday and Mom told me we were going out of town, not for vacation of course but to work.  We were going to the Indie Vintage market and I was going to have to work the weekend before my birthday what gives? So on Saturday I worked the booth at the Indie Market, I made alot of new friends, " Hey New Friends"

On Sunday Mom finally let us go exploring, I mean I had never been to Indy and man does Indy have lots of different smells!  We started the day at Three Dog Bakery where I did some shopping for pupcakes and cookies.

Mom said I got my treats it was time for her to get hers good thing right next door was a Starbucks with a walk up window for parents with pups to get their treats.  I met some of my cousins while Mom was waiting for her treat.  Us bullies we know where the good places are. 

Then we went to the Indiana War Memorial where I worked off my breakfast by running Rocky Balboa Style up the 200 stairs to the top. 

Indy is full of monuments and memorials the next was the Civil War Monument where I wanted to get the full perspective of the city.


By this time we had walked at least 4 miles in 70 degree weather so I had the draw the line and demand going back to the car.


Indy was a great city!  I was allowed to go into pretty much all of the shops on Mass Ave with Mom, I said Hello to everyone and we got to eat outside on the patio of a pretty good cafe.  Thanks Indy for showing this pup a great birthday weekend!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace Wrap-Up

The last time I was in Indianapolis for a length of time it was for a dinner stop on the way to a softball tournament in Terra Haute, where I watched a White Castle get held up and dozens of squad cars surround said White Castle.  So needless to say I was only expecting this weekend get away to Indy to be a 1,000 times better! 

The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is a select group of invited purveyors of vintage, antique, junque, artisans, craftspersons, stylemakers and stylebreakers for a monthly celebration of all things unique, indie & stylish.  It is held the first Saturday of every month usually at the Glendale Town Center in the warmer months, but their winter market moves around.  This was the last of the "winter" market so the show was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

I had no idea what to expect from this show, as I made the snap decision the Monday before to attend.  I was very surprised at all the the exceptional vendors that I encountered.  Everyone had amazingly thought out displays, and quality junk.  There were several booths that I was drawn to, that I will highlight in this post. 

First up is Lost & Found Treasures of Old & New out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I really enjoyed Richard's mix of antique Industrial items and other eclectic small pieces.  His collection of Pyrex beakers and chemistry ware really drew me in especially when he put some antique thread inside.


Also in the booth was ORTEA custom leather goods.  Jared the creator of these works of art does a fantastic job with one of a kind leather cuffs and handbags!  If only the budget had room for one of his great handbags. 


The next booth that caught my eye was Affair Shake  this was a great booth made up of amazing mid-century mod swanky furniture and housewares.  You know stuff that always ALWAYS pulls at my heart strings! 

This teal couch and red fireplace were super hard to not leave Indy with, as I had already imagined them in a very specific place. But alas, they were destined for a different forever home.
The final booth that drew me in was Jonathan's Fine Art & Antiques.  He had a really nice industrial pieces that would make any interior designer drool.  Some of the pieces I would have like to take home but I didn't have a vehicle or the man power large enough to get the pieces back to Chicago. 


This print makers cabinet was in fabulous condition and had all of the drawers I was very surprised that there wasn't a SOLD sticker on it when I walked past.


Don't forget the Indie Arts and Vintage Market is the first Saturday of each month.  Make sure you go and check out all the goodies!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

White Dog Vintage Mass Ave. Indianapolis

You guys I found the sweetest vintage store ever in Indianapolis.  When I imagine Junk in da Trunk's brick and mortar store it looks alot like White Dog Vintage.  Does that mean I have to envision something else now, or can I use it as inspiration?

Jill Thixton is the owner of said sweet store and the cutest part is that her mom helps her out with the store as well!  I think  I need to meet this Jill Thixton person someday as maybe we are kindered spirits on a treasure hunt with our mammas.

White dog is a mix of funky vintage clothing as well as kitschy mid-century housewares that you know I enjoy very very much.   Jill does a great job of curating all of her treasures by color and style which I find is very appealing to the eye.  The store flows from dark, manly industrial on one wall to happy cheerful yellow and turquoise in the center to handmade and one of a kind items near the register. 

Jill's displays are so great that I snapped away with my camera for a good 15 minutes before I even got to shopping!  I did make some great purchases all of which are going into my personal collection.  I found these great Mother's and Father's day window signs from the 60's that I'm sure you will see around here in the next few months to remind you to make some purchases for those special people in your life.  I also got some fabulous pink plastic poodle boot shapers that neither I nor my shopping partner had ever seen. But which I am in need of since I don't want my favorite boots to lose their shape, and this pair of pink poodles are doing their job well.  I also picked up an amazing smelling blood orange and beramot handmade soy candle, that the stylish shop girl talked me into, which I have had burning non-stop since I got home.  And the last thing I purchased was a vintage inspired glass with a map of New York City because sometimes when I'm drinking my sweet tea I need to be in a New York state of mind.

All in all the next time I am in Indy, White Dog Vintage is definitely a must stop by on my list as it should be on yours.  The entire Mass Ave community in Indy is amazing, it's a great mix of eclectic and unique boutiques, amazing smelling restaurants and cafes  which you know are right up my alley.  Oh and the greatest thing was that pretty much all of the shops on Mass Ave. were pet friendly so Tank got to shop as well, although he was more into saying Hello to all the customers in said shops.

White Dog Vintage can be found at 8456 Massachusetts Ave.  on Facebook HERE  or Blogging HERE

I hope I've persuaded some of you to get in the car and make the weekend jaunt to Indy it really is a great city.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Boy

Well today we move into the terrible twos.... hopefully they won't be too terrible.   I can't believe this little man has been in my life for two years, lots of things have changed since he came into my life, but that however we will not get into here today.

This bundle of love is my roommate, co-worker (he LOVES to steal the packing tape), co-pilot, alarm clock, photo shoot bomber, sunglass eater, radio dial remover, tear licker, vintage toy tester, sous chef, shenanigans causer and constant.

 We can't go to the pet store or on a walk without at least 10 people asking if they can pet him, he needs everyone to know that the cuteness has arrived.  He has stolen the hearts of people that said they never liked dogs until they met him, and you can't come visit him sad and not leave feeling a little happier. Seriously life is so much better with a bulldog in it! Happy Birthday T, we may not always know what we're doing with life but together we figure it out!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Congratulations to Bailey Dexter on winning the 200th Sale giveaway and to Dicky Bird's Nest as the runner up ! Please email me your addresses at junkindatrunkgirls@gmail.com so I can get you your prizes!!