Friday, February 22, 2013

Fill In The Blank Friday

Back in the day when my blog was just about Junk in da Trunk Girls I did a thing on Fridays called Fill in the Blank Friday so I'm bringing it to this space.  Feel free to join in and fill in the blanks on your blog or in the comments section here.

1. My favorite feeling in all the world is    in the arms of the one I love   .

2.  My favorite smell is   right before and after a rain storm, pipe tobacco   .

3.  My favorite taste is   spicy and salty. 

4. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was    the sunrise over Haleakala on Maui, it was like what I imagine heaven to look like .

5. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is   Mold-a-ramas this would be why I have such a collection of them  .

6.  My favorite of all the senses is  sense of sight. I love taking in beautiful things and observing the world and others around me, so it's not even a question  .

This weekend the plan is to take some new things to my booth at Volo and go movie hopping to some of the Oscar nominated ones.  How about you what are your weekend plans?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet Enid

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen that the past couple weeks I have found 2 new Enids for my personal collection.  I thought maybe some of you didn't know who she was and I thought it'd be a good post for some background on her and how my collection got started.  So if you've never met, I'd like you to meet Enid Collins.

Enid was a handbag designer from the great state of Texas, from 1959 to 1970.  In those years she churned out hand painted and hand dazzled handbags made of wood and paper mache.  For the first years, she had only a small cult following in Texas, then a little known store called Nieman Marcus called and placed an order for handbags, catapulting Enid into handbag stardom.  An Enid was the "it" bag to carry to the grocery store in it's day.  

I had no idea who Enid was until I started reading Betty's blog, and read about her obsession of them.  Well I thought," yeah those are pretty interesting", and wrote it off that I would never find one this far North. Well low and behold, a few December's ago my mom and I went to our regular antique mall while I was home for the holidays and behind some cookie jars, I spotted the money tree!

That's right in little small town Wisconsin I found a Money Tree!!! I started F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out in the middle of that store. My mom was so confused as to why I was so excited, I showed her and she still did not understand, until I bought it and explained the whole concept of Enid to her. 

That was the beginning of a collection, I now have a total of seven Enids five of which I have hanging on a wall in my apartment, and each one has it's own story as to how it came into my life.  

The Money Tree was my first Enid,  The Daisies Won't Tell was an Anniversary gift from Mr. Junk, Glitter Bugs was a get well gift that my Grandparents surprised me with when I was in the hospital last year,  Night Owl was a Valentines gift from my Mom and Flower Basket was a gift from my Step-Mom.

So that's the story of my small collection.  Every time I go picking or antiquing  I look for an Enid but they aren't that easy to find.  There are sooo many that I have been drooling over and hope to find some day in person or are able to afford via Etsy or Ebay.  I think what I enjoy the most about the Enids are the inside which have a circle mirror, they each have a clever and sometimes sassy name and are individually signed and say "Handcrafted for You" and have her logo which is a horse.

Well I hope you all enjoyed, checking out one of my personal collections.  Do any of you have an Enid?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Month of Love- Antique Valentines

A few years ago my Grandma and I were talking about valentines and how I wished I had some vintage ones to display on a table, she said I've got something for you, she walked into the spare bedroom and came out with a box of valentines from my great-grandfather Thelmer.

Remember being in grade school and writing up a bunch of valentines for the kids in your class and then putting them in those mailboxes that you took an afternoon out of class to make with your teacher and classmates?  Well they also did that sort of thing in the 1920's as well!  My great-grandfather saved all the Valentines he got in a box and now I have that box full of Valentines!  I can't believe that these little gems are over 80 years old!  Here are a few pics of my favs!

My great-grandfather went to a one room school house in a very small farming community in rural Wisconsin so getting and receiving Valentines was kind of an indulgence to his struggling farm family. I can see why he kept them, the Valentines were a special treat and something that was all his own.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Fall in Love with Handmade

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I will be heading up behind the cheddar curtain to the mother land of Wisconsin to hang out with my Mom at Dainty Daisies Fall in Love with Handmade show on Saturday at Becketts in Oshkosh!  If you are in the neighborhood, you should stop by the booth and say hello! Click HERE for a link to the awesome vendors that will be there.

Also, you may want to take a minute before you drop by to LIKE the Handmade Facebook page because the first 10 people on Saturday that tell me the secret Facebook code that I post on Saturday morning before the show are going to get a super cute Valentine themed goodie bag filled with some sweets and a few might even have a super sweet coupon!  Because let's face it I like to bribe people to come to events... just kiddening.

Michelle always puts on a rockstar status show so this one will for sure not disappoint!  Grab your girlfriends, some coffee, a portable breakfast and come say Hello tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Month of Love- Bulldog Style

Happy February Everyone!
Can you believe that it is the 6th of February, I can’t but I’m glad because that means that winter is almost over, not that we’ve really had much of one here in Chicago but I’m definitely not complaining. 

For most of you that read this blog, follow my twitter, facebook or instagram know that English Bulldogs hold a very special place in my heart.  I mean my office assistant and flat mate is this 45 pound  squishy wrinkly bundle of joy.  He even thinks that he is the Junkn Jadarie social media director...

Their faces kill me, their sweet demeanor and their ability to just fall asleep anywhere at anytime and snore louder then a human tugs at my heart strings.  The way they sniff your face and kiss you makes me giggle every time. The swagger when they walk,  is an attitude all in itself, it says “ I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do because I can”. 

(Pic of Paddy Pup available for adoption and his Foster sister via CEBR Facebook)

I am also a volunteer of the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, and this time of year is unfortunately the time of year when more people then usual surrender their bulldogs to the Rescue, and since CEBR is funded by donations from big hearted people that also have a soft spot for these wrinkly faced angels, I am going to be donating 10% of the funds from each of my Etsy shops for the month of February to the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.  Donations like this will help to pay the expensive medical bills for these bullies.  Right now as of post time there are 17 bullies up for adoption, that my friends is alot of vet bills! 

(Pic of Roxie that is available for adoption via CEBR Facebook)

Like I said For the month of February I will be donating 10% of my total monthly sales from both Junk in da Trunk Girls and Jadarie Handmade to the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, because I believe that these bully babies deserve a chance to be rehabilitated, get healthy and have a chance at a loving home!  Even if there isn’t anything in either shop that you need to have as your own, I hope I have opened you up to a new organization and you take this information to heart and share it with whomever and take a minute donate to those cuties. There is a donate button on the top of the CEBR page if you feel inclined that way.  You can follow along with the bullies progress on Chicago English Bulldog Rescues WEBSITE, FACEBOOKTWITTER.

If you have a pup or two please hug them extra tight after you read this and send up some hope for these bullies to find their forever homes. Thanks for Reading!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Currently February

Happy February Everyone!  We made it through the January Blues... Hooray! February is already showing to be busy, I have the Fall in Love with Handmade Show in Oshkosh on the 8th and just added the Vintage Garage on the 16th & 17th here in Chicago.  Along with these shows I have booked a bunch of free business seminars at various local libraries so cheers to nerding out and learning I love that as much as I love treasure hunting and creating, ya that's right I'm a nerd to the core. 

Location: home sweet home in my tiny apartment, with my 45 pound lap dog snoozing on my lap.
Watching: Season One of 2 Broke Girls, that show is seriously HI-LARIOUS!!! I watched the entire first disc in one sitting, I blame the cold bug that has moved in ...

Eating:  Reese's Peanut butter cup

Drinking: McDonald's Fountain Coke cause I am seriously addicted!

Wanting: So many different things both professionally & personally.  Basically just want to make all of my dreams come true.

Needing:  To believe in myself more & keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. 

Loving:  My support system, seriously, they have been working overtime the past couple months..

Creating: lots of new handbags and a new rental business plan.

Thinking:  that this is going to be a very busy month.

Wondering: if I am making / have made the right decisions about so many important things and if they will eventually turn out how I am hoping.  Deep breath.

How about you what are you currently up to or what does your February hold?


Pic of one of my favorite love bugs