Thursday, August 29, 2013

Highway 20 Ride According to my Iphone

Highway 20 is the Highway that runs through Cascades National Park in Northern Washington and in my opinion it is one of the prettiest rides. It has mountains, rivers and views that will give you shivers from how breathtaking Mother Nature can be.  Here's a collage of iphone photos from the ride, I'm teasing you with iphone photos as I sort through the 500+ I took with my Nikon.  If you follow along with my instagram I aplogize as most of them were posted there in real time.  Enjoy!

So when you drive
And the years go flying by
I hope you smile
If I ever cross your mind
It was a pleasure of my life
And I cherished my time
On that Highway 20 ride.... 
Zac Brown Band


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shop Clearout!!

Hey Everyone we may have went a bit overboard on our last buying trip and since we are are currently 3 sales away from the 250 sales mark, the 250th sale will get something extra special in their order and as a special gift to all of you a coupon code for 25% off of your purchase through the end of August!  Use coupon code CLEAROUT at check out!  Help us move some inventory from the warehouse because there's so much more to be added!  Good Karma points will be awarded for tweeting, facebooking and in general sharing of this coupon code! Thank You!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peace Out 31


Today, I venture into another year, turning the page to the beginning of another chapter.  To say that 31 was a roller coaster ride of personal growth would be an understatement. Let's just say I'm glad to be off the 12 month crazy train. I exit the ride however with a TON of valuable lessons about myself, people, business & life in general not neccessarily learned in life's nicest way but alas all lessons learned and notated.   I am looking forward to the chapter of my life's story that is 32, what will it hold only destiny knows.  Saddle up cause here we go!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday Covet List Or A Few of My Favorite Things

Here's a few of the friviolous things I'm currently coveting...

 Junk Gypsy's are two of my fav gals and now they have a limited edition truckers hat avaliable in Buckle stores!

Paddy Wax Blood Orange and Bergamot Candles.  These are the best smelling things around burned through my first couple in a few weeks and now I'm out!

I LOVE  pretty much anything and everything from LUSH but this stuff is the bomb diggity! I had a killer sunburn after hanging with the niece at the pool and this stuff worked better then aloe... just saying it's crazy awesome!

These boots seriously... I NEED them in my life like a hole in my head but they are all sorts of amazing!

This BookZine would be a great addition to my business library....

I am currently in the process of giving up my beloved soda, but I still need  that caffiene, and this adorable french press seems like the perfect solution to my new iced coffee addiction.

Except Opposite with an unlimited Uniqlo  Anthro & Century 21 shopping budget! :)
And no list of mine is complete without and Enid ofcourse!

How about you what are some of the things you are coveting?