Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursdays with T - Randolph Street Market Recap

Sorry I've been MIA lately Mom has kept us super busy lately.  There's strings, fabric and treasure laying all over the world headquarters, that I am finally now getting to write about how I spent my Memorial Day weekend. 

Mom and I spent Memorial Day weekend vending at the Randolph Street Market with our pal Jon.   It was Mom's first time vending at the show so therefore it was my first time, and man there were so many people!  I began working hanging t-shirts and setting up smalls at 7 am and I didn't get to take a potty break until 3:30! So many people wanted to say "Hello" to me and buy our treasures. 



We had a vintage play pen available for sale and mom thought it would be fun to set it up in the aisle and put me in it so she didn't have to keep holding onto me, and just let the people come to me and say Hello.   It was so fun, this little boy was my new best friend, he kept running around the outside of my "pen" so I could chase him. 

It was a great day at the market, the weather was nice for me to be out and about, it wasn't too hot and sunny and so many friends came out to see me.  The next Randolph Street Market is the weekend of June 29 & 30th if the weather is cool enough I will be out there with Mom and Jon selling our treasures, make sure if you are in Chicago you make plans to come out and say "Hello" to me. 


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