Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday Ball Mason Jars

Did you know that this year Ball Mason Jars turn 100 years old. Did you also know that the number 13 mason jar is very hard to find?  Did you even know that there are numbers stamped on the bottom of  Ball mason jars?  Could I ask you anymore questions before I tell a story??  That's just the nerd in me.

 Once upon a time, I did some "light" thrifting as my step mom and  I were teaching my step-sister the ins and outs of the world of treasure hunting. (I also taught my step mom like a year ago and she is nicely progressing from the amateur to intermediate level)  Said step sister has been known to roll her eyes when we talk about our finds, so we thought we'd show her how fun it is, she may not be hooked...yet.

Anywho, the #13 mason jar, we were looking around one thrift store and low and behold I saw that aqua goodness (Finding a mason jar in a thrift hardly ever happens to me) and I turned it over and there it was the #13, my lucky day.  The story goes, that back in the day during the canning process some of the wives were very superstitious and would throw away their #13 jars in fear of something bad happening to them.  And when I say throw them away I mean bury them in the backyard with the rest of the garbage.   So I'm sure behind some old farmhouses buried deep down are some steller #13 Ball Mason jars amongst many other treasures.

If you happen to go and dig up any farm backyards, let me know if you find any treasure:)


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