Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime & Family

I call myself a lucky girl, not too many people can move to a place where they know not a single soul and get adopted into an entire family as I have. I have been a part of 2 babies entering this families life, one I am lucky to know from the day they found out thanks to me having to stop and buy the test that told us of her existence. And I am currently watching one grow from a mousey little 6 year old girl into a smart and driven young woman right before my eyes.
My 11 year old "niece" and I have become quite the pair this summer vacation, I'm pretty sure that the fact I like to hang out by the pool has something to do with it, because I remember being 11 and all I wanted to do during the summer was go to the pool and read Babysitter Club and Sweet Valley High books but I digress. 
 One of our "swimming hang out afternoons" turned out to be a very rainy cold day, I had a bunch of work to do but something inside me said "she's getting older and next summer she may not want swimming hang out days", so work waited.
  When I was little my Grandma would always "build" me a blanket fort to watch Tv on rainy days that she was on babysitting duty, we'd pop popcorn on the stove and I'd drink a Ginger Ale because I was fancy like that.  I suggested we go to the library and get some 80's teen movies, build a blanket fort and stuff our faces for the entire afternoon, she agreed.  I mean I'm sure it's probably not cool to have a blanket fort after say the age of 8 but I busted out the vintage quilts, chenille blankets and couch pillows.  The fort looked alittle blah, but T thought it was his house.

 To make it more cozy, I pulled out the Christmas lights and Fort Rainy Day was established.  We watched John Hughes movies, made popcorn, ate ice cream and drank juice boxes.  It wasn't an afternoon at the pool but I hope it's one that she remembers.

Family most definitely isn't always blood related, family is sometimes finding the people that take you for what you are and choose to love you and stay by your side, when even maybe your true family isn't there.  It's fun to hear when she tells her friends about me and calls me her Auntie and they say but you're not really related, and she says but we are.



  1. Well said. We have "claimed" many to our family over the years! Yes, enjoy kids when they are little - they grow up too fast! Blessings from Ringle.

  2. Words cannot say how much I loved this post! It actually made me cry. We are very fortunate to have you as a part of our family! We love you !