Tuesday, May 21, 2013

31 Before 32

Ninety Days from today I will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my 31st birthday. Why oh why do I ALWAYS wait until May to finish writing my list of things to do before my birthday in August??   I guess just because that's just how I roll and I'm learning to accept it.  Anywho here's my list of 31 things to accomplish before I celebrate turning 31 again:)

1.  Go to a state I've never been to before
2.  Watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan
3.  Go on a Girls Weekend
4.  Private
5.  Lotus flower tat
6.  Photograph Starved Rock State Park
7.  Send out 3 random care packages
8.  Dye Hair Dark  completed 3/25
9.  Paint a canvas and hang
10. Go to the Ledge at Night   completed 7/4
11. Plant a Tree
12. Give Blood
13. Try 5 New Restaurants  completed 6/30
14. Volunteer completed 3/1
15. Go to Planetarium
16. Do 3 Random Acts of Kindness on Birthday
17. Sleep under the stars
18. Read a Jane Austen Novel
19. Boudoir Pictures
20. Journal Everyday
21. Meditate Everyday
22. Write a letter to self to open at 40
23. Quit Day Job to expand own business
24. Private
25. Architecture Photo Cruise
26. Take portrait of Grandparents
27. Use film camera more
28. Blog 3 times a week
29. Wear high heels  completed 7/4
30. Join a book club
31. Make a new friend

Well there it is friends... if there's anything any of you would like to tag along with me on let me know!  And watch my progress here...


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