Monday, May 13, 2013

On Mother's Day

I am lucky enough to have three women that are mothers to me, I have my real mom, my step-mom and my IL mom.  Three women that are very different but very similar in the fact that they only want the best for me, want me to succeed and to be happy.

This past year I have tested their love, among many others of my friends, with 3am phone calls, buckets of tears, and many other shenanigans.  I'll admit it the past 365 days have not been some of my best days, this has been a life altering year. Things that are way too personal to me to get into on here but nonetheless it has been 365 days of finding out that I have three women in my life that motherly love me unconditionally when only one is "programmed" to do so biologically.

To these three women, there aren't enough words to say how thankful that I am for each and everything big or small that you have done for me without hesitation.  Thank You also for helping me realize my full potential and for always having words of encouragement on the days I slip on seeing it for myself. I wouldn't be where I am right now without each of you showing me what strength and survival look like in your own unique ways.  I love each of you and hope that you had great mother's day celebrations, I enjoyed spending time with each of you as I always do.


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