Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving & A Sweet Deal

Happy Thanksgiving all of my US readers and Happy Nov. 22 to the rest of the universe!  This has been quite the year for me, when looking back at where I was last Thanksgiving to where I am today, but I have so much to be thankful for today, like my AH-mazing support system that has been working overtime the past couple months. I am thankful for being able to do a job that I love and am super passionate about as a part time gig right now but see it going so much further.  I am thankful for my family that helps and supports me in this little side business for now but is up to the challenge of helping me make it so much bigger and I am grateful for all of you, blog readers, twitter followers, facebook friends and lurkers for supporting my little endeavors in your own way.

So as a Thank You on this day of Thanks from today through Cyber Monday, November 26 there will be FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING in both stores as well as $12.00 discounted shipping to Canada!! No Coupon Code is required it's already set up in the listing.   I wanted to start the free shipping today because some people maybe *cough* bored *cough* at their family get together and checking out the online happenings while pretending to be interested in family affairs.  You know those people are out there!

Please also keep in mind that Saturday, Nov. 24 is also Small Business Saturday.  While those big chain stores can offer amazing deals this time of year for gifts for loved ones, please keep small businesses in mind.  You can read the article I wrote about some of my favorite small businesses HERE from my old blog. After all the US was built by entrepreneurship, so get out there to your local downtown area, local craft fair,  someones own shop domain, or on Etsy.  Those of us trying to make our small business dreams come true will be forever grateful for your purchase, large or small.

Over-N-Out & Gobble Gobble!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Handmade for the Holidays Wrap Up

First off Michelle, from Dainty Daisies rocks my socks off!  She is an amazing young woman and is super inspiring to be around!  She is the force behind Handmade for the Holidays a great show filled with lots of super talented ladies and even a few gents!  Seriously if you are a cheesehead you need to get yourself to Oshkosh next November and shop this show!

For those of you that have read where you can find the Jadarie purses in person you know that they are available at Dainty Daisies in Appleton, and man did purses sell like hot cakes at the show!  My sewing machine and I are having a very intimate relationship at this time as my inventory was depleted down to 13!  I got to meet some very creative ladies and some purses found lots of loving new homes.  Here are some pictures of my booth and from the set up of the show.

Even Santa was there to support the Handmade Movement.  Overall it was a great show, I will have to write a separate post just for the items that I purchased, but since most of them are Christmas gifts so I will wait and do a huge independent artist post after the gifts are given as this year I am trying to support artists and local businesses with my gift giving needs. 

Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported Handmade businesses!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gift Certificates

Just in time for the Gift Giving Season Jadarie and Junk will be offering gift certificates for those people in your lives that like so many of our things that you just can't decide which awesome thing to wrap up and gift them.  I kid.... I kid... not really.   Anywho back to the gift certificates,  we will be offering them in $20, $30 and $40 through the etsy shops or if you would like to shoot an email we can send you a paypal invoice for all you Sneaky McSneakerson gift givers.  Each Junk gift certificate will come in a pretty vintage Holiday Card, and each Jadarie certificate will come in a pretty new Holiday Card.  Personal messages may be included, and the gift certificates may also be used at our in person shows. If you are a last minute shopper a pdf file could be emailed to you instead and you can print your own gift certificate and package it up to your preference.

Now go and get your shop on, the Holidays are right around the corner!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Volo Antique Mall & Classic Car Museum

The Volo auto museum is a classic car lovers paradise with more then 250 collector cars on display and for sale.  The museum is home to a bunch of cars from different movies, such as the Batmobile, Christine, the Back to the Future Car , the General Lee and the car from Knight Rider.  The whole listing of the Hollywood cars that are at Volo can be found HERE 

The cars are a great time but what I really tag along for is I know that after me and the Mr. are done looking at the cars I get to go explore 3 different antique malls!  The jam packed antique malls are housed in three connected buildings and have a zillion or so things for sale going from Primitives to the 1970's.  Each of the three malls has there own special era, per say, Mall 1 is mostly Primitives, Mall 2 is my era mostly Mid-Century and Mall 3 is 70's and later.

The most exciting news is that now you can find our junk in person at Volo in Mall #2 in case # 663!!

In all seriousness Volo is a great destination for a day trip, because between the cars and the antiques you are going to be there all day!  The cars are always interesting to go through and the antique malls are always stocked with great reasonably priced things, Volo is an hour drive from Chicago and about the same from the Milwaukee area.

Volo's Official website can be found by clicking HERE

Let me know if you go or have been!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New York East Coast State of Mind

Oh New York & New Jersey you hold a special place in my heart.  When I was 21 I took off to you Manhattan from small town Wisconsin for a summer long internship. You and your make it or break it attitude changed me and molded me into the person that I am today.  For that opportunity to share those three months with you I am so very thankful.

It hurts my heart to see photos on the news of Lower Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey look like a war zone.  Being the person that I am it is very hard for me to sit here and not have bought a plane ticket, grab the Staten Island Ferry and go with garbage bags and work gloves and help do something, anything. 

Alas, this is the beginning of the busiest time of year at the day job and I just can’t and that kills my New York area loving heart!  So instead I have decided that throughout the rest of November I am going to donate $5 from every sale in both shops to the Red Cross Relief efforts.  I will be donating all the funds to their “Disaster Relief” initiative for Hurricane Sandy victims. More information on that can be found HERE

This is a great way to begin your Holiday shopping while helping people that so desperately need supplies and shelter during this month of Thankfulness.   If you choose to buy something from either shops THANK YOU, if you would rather donate on your own here is a link to an MSNBC article that is a great resource of donation information.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farm Girl Art and Antiques

Once upon a time my oldest friend stopped into this cute shop in downtown Milwaukee and got the vintage itch as I like to call it.  She bought an antique farm table and then sawed it in half for her entry way.  She's crazy like that.  Well being the great friend that she is, she thought hmmm this is a store Jade would like.  So the next time I went up to visit her sure as we had margaritas for lunch, she took me to her new found gem of a store.

This store is Farm Girl Art & Antiques on 5th Street in downtown Milwaukee.  Seriously this store is AH-mazing.  The tin ceiling the great vintage... ugh why are you still reading and not en route?

My friend took me the next time I went up to visit and as usual I was carrying a Jadarie handbag and Lisa the owner asked about it and next thing you know Jadarie Handbags are in stock!  So when you go to Farm Girl tell Lisa that Jade sent you, and buy a handbag.

The End



Friday, November 2, 2012

On November

November how is it even here already?!  November has been a historically bad month for me, ok maybe not so much bad, more like "life changing" a lot of life changing things have happened to me in the month of November.  I thought by saying one thing that I'm grateful for each day (or every couple days let's be honest here) will help me appreciate November more then fear it.

Today I am Thankful For:

The opportunity to have sat on the floor for a few hours last night and catch up with a very important person to me. I honestly didn't want the night to end but with every evening the dawn must always come, so I'm thankful for what the evening was.

This weekend I will be going through some inventory and heading up to load up my booth at Volo and dropping some purses at a new brick and mortar store in Milwaukee!  More to come on both of those places next week.

What are you thankful for today?