Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gift Certificates

Just in time for the Gift Giving Season Jadarie and Junk will be offering gift certificates for those people in your lives that like so many of our things that you just can't decide which awesome thing to wrap up and gift them.  I kid.... I kid... not really.   Anywho back to the gift certificates,  we will be offering them in $20, $30 and $40 through the etsy shops or if you would like to shoot an email we can send you a paypal invoice for all you Sneaky McSneakerson gift givers.  Each Junk gift certificate will come in a pretty vintage Holiday Card, and each Jadarie certificate will come in a pretty new Holiday Card.  Personal messages may be included, and the gift certificates may also be used at our in person shows. If you are a last minute shopper a pdf file could be emailed to you instead and you can print your own gift certificate and package it up to your preference.

Now go and get your shop on, the Holidays are right around the corner!


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