Friday, November 9, 2012

Volo Antique Mall & Classic Car Museum

The Volo auto museum is a classic car lovers paradise with more then 250 collector cars on display and for sale.  The museum is home to a bunch of cars from different movies, such as the Batmobile, Christine, the Back to the Future Car , the General Lee and the car from Knight Rider.  The whole listing of the Hollywood cars that are at Volo can be found HERE 

The cars are a great time but what I really tag along for is I know that after me and the Mr. are done looking at the cars I get to go explore 3 different antique malls!  The jam packed antique malls are housed in three connected buildings and have a zillion or so things for sale going from Primitives to the 1970's.  Each of the three malls has there own special era, per say, Mall 1 is mostly Primitives, Mall 2 is my era mostly Mid-Century and Mall 3 is 70's and later.

The most exciting news is that now you can find our junk in person at Volo in Mall #2 in case # 663!!

In all seriousness Volo is a great destination for a day trip, because between the cars and the antiques you are going to be there all day!  The cars are always interesting to go through and the antique malls are always stocked with great reasonably priced things, Volo is an hour drive from Chicago and about the same from the Milwaukee area.

Volo's Official website can be found by clicking HERE

Let me know if you go or have been!



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