Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farm Girl Art and Antiques

Once upon a time my oldest friend stopped into this cute shop in downtown Milwaukee and got the vintage itch as I like to call it.  She bought an antique farm table and then sawed it in half for her entry way.  She's crazy like that.  Well being the great friend that she is, she thought hmmm this is a store Jade would like.  So the next time I went up to visit her sure as we had margaritas for lunch, she took me to her new found gem of a store.

This store is Farm Girl Art & Antiques on 5th Street in downtown Milwaukee.  Seriously this store is AH-mazing.  The tin ceiling the great vintage... ugh why are you still reading and not en route?

My friend took me the next time I went up to visit and as usual I was carrying a Jadarie handbag and Lisa the owner asked about it and next thing you know Jadarie Handbags are in stock!  So when you go to Farm Girl tell Lisa that Jade sent you, and buy a handbag.

The End



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