Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Let's take a minute here to reflect on how crazy the internet is.  I mean how crazy awesome the internet is.  Ya ya it can be scary too but whatevs we are talking about it's radness right now.

This girl here, I met her on the internet and then I flew 2,000 miles to meet in person and now she is one of my best friends.

 If you were to ask me exactly how I found her blog hundreds of moons ago I couldn't even begin to tell you.  If you asked me what made me type the worlds longest email to her and divulge a ton of personal information because of a post she had written, I would have to say destiny whispered for me to do it.  We met virtually at rock bottom in our personal lives, both of us living a parallel life 2,000 miles apart when we were feeling like we were the only ones going through what we were going through. That was four years ago.  Since then we meet up every year and talk at least once a week if not daily. The moral of the story is destiny is a real thing, the internet is pretty rad and I can't imagine my life without this girl in it.

Any of you have any good internet stories?


Thursday, March 13, 2014


This body of mine is less like a temple and more like a biography written by life. It carries lessons learned, experiences, dreams, a broken and re-mended heart, false hopes and cobwebs in it's chapters. All neatly mapped out and bound in between the veins and tendons. A whole evolving history tucked in the spaces between the ribs and collarbone.
 Photo of me by the awesome Ashley Forrette

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life Lately According To My iPhone

Oh life, wouldn't it be nice if there were 25 or 26 hours in a day?  But then if we had that, it would leave us wanting still more wouldn't it.  I do not have anything exciting to say so I'm just going to share some photos from my phone because I feel like I haven't updated this space in awhile and maybe just maybe some people look at it from time to time. 

I have decided to take the month of March off from "popping up" to focus on spending time with family and friends, to nurture the relationships that I sometimes put business in front of and to put myself out there to build on new ones.  My bestie from Portland was in town for a few days so most of these are from our many food and neighborhood explorations.  I've also been playing rock photographer to a band lately and T and I have been trying to enjoy the outdoors and the few days of spring thaw we've had.