Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Let's take a minute here to reflect on how crazy the internet is.  I mean how crazy awesome the internet is.  Ya ya it can be scary too but whatevs we are talking about it's radness right now.

This girl here, I met her on the internet and then I flew 2,000 miles to meet in person and now she is one of my best friends.

 If you were to ask me exactly how I found her blog hundreds of moons ago I couldn't even begin to tell you.  If you asked me what made me type the worlds longest email to her and divulge a ton of personal information because of a post she had written, I would have to say destiny whispered for me to do it.  We met virtually at rock bottom in our personal lives, both of us living a parallel life 2,000 miles apart when we were feeling like we were the only ones going through what we were going through. That was four years ago.  Since then we meet up every year and talk at least once a week if not daily. The moral of the story is destiny is a real thing, the internet is pretty rad and I can't imagine my life without this girl in it.

Any of you have any good internet stories?



  1. Yes, I also read a comment on a blog about sickness, loss etc. I read what this person wrote and looked up her blog. Little did I know that this would turn out to be a connection that would go beyond this laptop. She wrote a book about loss as her son was killed in a skiing accident and I was one person she named in her dedication. I was truly honored, we have recently made plans to meet in person. This internet is both awesome and crazy!

  2. I met Bill on the on a dating site after typing in a key I liked his profile, he messaged me, we went on a date with in a week, emailed each other every day, then moved in together & now we are getting married! He is my best friend! We were definitely made for each other! .... & I met you on Twitter! :)