Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday with T: The 30 Year Surprise

T here and Happy Thursday to all my friends, I am currently getting ready to visit my Grandma, Nana and Great Grandma for Mothers Day oh ya and of course shower my mom with love on Sunday.  I wanted to tell you about a fun thing that happened to my Mom and I over the weekend at the Indie Arts and Vintage Show.

Mom and I were minding our own business, I was saying Hello to all my friends while Mom answered all the questions. "How old is T"  " How much does he weigh" "Is he a Pug" the usual, when I noticed a man standing looking at Mom.  I pulled her a little to go and say Hello to him, because I thought he looked sad.  He bent down to pet me and he asked Mom if she was Paula's daughter, I barked because I know that my Grandma or Nana is not named Paula.  Mom, nicely said that she was not and the man became flustered.  Mom in her curious way asked the man if she could help him and he went on to tell us his story.

The man was looking for a woman named Paula, that he hadn't seen in 30 years but according to her facebook said that she was going to be vending at the show and he wanted to surprise her and tell her something very important but he didn't know what exactly she sold.  Mom suggested that the man move to the back of the booth and look up the woman's facebook page and see if she had posted anything that morning about the show.  He moved to the back of the booth and I followed him because he looked like he might need some male companionship, and I am very good at helping people calm down.  The man and I scrolled through facebook and didn't find a mention of where she might be, her business name or anything.  Mom suggested that he message her, which I thought was a terrible idea because not ten minutes ago this man said he wanted to "surprise" this woman.  The man said that he would just take a chance, walk around and hope to remember what she looked like.  I gave the man a look of encouragement and a bully snort, and Mom told him to come back and tell us how it went if he found her.  The man left to find Paula, and mom and I looked around for the hidden camera crew because Mom was convinced she was being Punked or part of some reality tv show, when I told her to have a little faith.

A few hours later Mom took me for a small walk and I stopped and turned because someone was calling my name, and there was the man, he was walking briskly towards us and stopped to tell us that he had found her and that they had made plans for dinner.  I jumped up on him and gave him a bully kiss of congratulations and mom gave him a high five.

Shows are fun, not only do we sell things to people that have great memories of those items, but I make lots of new friends and once in awhile I get to be a part of something that was 30 years in the making.  Thanks for listening to my stories, and hope all you mommies of babies and fur babies have a great Mothers Day weekend, I'm taking my mom to the dog park and letting her sleep in an extra hour... don't ruin my surprise.



  1. That was a neat story! Don't forget to tell us what was on that roll of film too. I bought a camera one time it had film too. When I developed it, I couldn't believe I found pictures from my neighbor's house from like 20 years earlier. Come to find out it was a distant relative. There was a Christmas picture at the farm with their daughter when she was under 5. I gave it to to them.

  2. That is so awesome! What a wonderful thing to be a part of! :)

    Marquie (and Lassie & Petal!)