Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursdays with T: The Day In the Life

Hello Friends T here,  sorry I was MIA last Thursday.  Mom left me out of my house for a little bit and she had dropped this delicious woody smelling stick before she left that I couldn't resist chomping into a 100 pieces.  Mom called me T the Lumberjack,  and I think she was actually really mad because it was a Green Bay Packer pencil...and you know how we feel about the Packers here in the Junk family.

Anywoof,  I'm back to my normal T self so I thought I would share with you the day in the life of me, T the assistant to the Junk Girls.

Pretty much everyday starts off by me waking Mom up by jumping so gracefully and quietly off the bed to let her know that it's time to get this party started by taking me for my walk and of course feed me my breakfast.  I eat my breakfast, do a lap around the house then I jump back in bed and wait and see if Mom is going to have a lazy day or if we are going start work right away.

Most of the time, Mom decides to get right to work, even after I give her this face.  So I fire up the computer and I get to checking her messages, and post some crazy things to her Facebook page,  bet you didn't know that I was a the social media director here at casa le junque.  It's really just one of my many talents.

If any orders came in over night we usually go to the warehouse and pick them up, or run a few errands if we need to before we get to work sewing some goodies, packaging orders, photographing new inventory or washing and tagging some new stuff for Mom's booths.  

After we run errands and do the bulk of the work for the day, we go for a long walk and then I eat my dinner, and relax the rest of the evening until the cycle starts all over again.

So there you have it a typical day in the life of me the best employee of Junk in da Trunk Girls, I keep telling mom to change the name to Junk in da Trunk Girls and T the lovable bulldog... she doesn't like it.  Little does she know who the real draw to her booths is.... Hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. Hey T, you should tell your mom to start a line for dogs...T Fashions. Accessories and such for your friends and customers. Just a thought...