Friday, January 4, 2013

Honest to Blog I Have Big News

So in other news I made the decision to leave my full time day job.  That's right I chose to walk away from the security and known of a 9-5 Monday-Friday day job, to pursue this self-employed thing and see what I can make of it. And honestly part of me is scared shitless!

Let's be honest here, in this economy it is most likely not advisable to quit a sure thing and attempt to become your own boss.  However, I had been dealing with so many issues at my day job for such a long time that it had come to a point where I had been feeling defeated, burnt out and broken down by so many of the things that were happening day in and day out that I just didn't feel like me anymore.

There are notebooks full of ideas that I wasn't having any time to do, big dreams of someday having my own brick and mortar to feeling like there is enough potential with the ideas that I have to take off, if I only had the time and positive energy to make them happen.

 I also have an overwhelming feeling of if I don't try this now, that someday when I'm 80 and sitting on my front porch swing, crocheting with a sleeping dog at my feet that I will say either to myself or whomever is sitting next to me "What if I would have tried to have my own business when I was 31, why didn't I do that when I had the opportunity, if I had where would I be right now"  and the last thing I want out of my life is to be sitting there and asking myself "What ifs" and regretting the opportunities that I didn't take. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, and even as scared as I am about the unknown I am excited to see how much I am capable of achieving.


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  1. First congrats on embarking this new adventure! I'm excited for you. Remember, you can't keep a good dog down...or you can't crush creative. If I couldn't go on these treasure hunts and use my talents to create, I would go crazy. I too was confined to a cubicle in a 9-5. Now, 17 years later, I would NEVER want to go back or work for someone else! If I soar or fall it is all on me. Will it be scary you bet, but you can do it. Blessings from Ringle, WI.