Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Handmade Shop Update

I've been pretty busy with an assembly line set up in my apartment of purse putting togethering.  That's right I just made up those words purse putting togethering, well because I can.  Anywho, my handbag stock was a bit depleted after the holidays, which I'm not complaining about AT ALL! So I've been busy at it and have a few new gems loaded up into the Handmade Shop .  But for all of you loyal readers I'll give you a peak on here of all the goodies that have gotten loaded.  Also a reminder, that my costs for making these has gone up therefore the price to carry one of my one of a kind works of art has also gone up, booo interfacing price jack up!   
The bag at the top of this post is one of my most favorite patterns to date, I think it would be the perfect bag to carry this spring.  It's a beige background with what looks like to me an olive branch design.  This little cutie can be found HERE.  I had enough fabric from this amazing set of curtains to get a large bag out of it as well which can be found HERE

This little gray goodie can be used now or for the upcoming spring.  It's such a neutral purse that it can stay around for seasons to come.   

This little tangerine orange gem is a new design I had been tinkering with, I have been making cross body bags out of the recycled jerseys' and made myself one out of this amazing curtain fabric I had laying around and lots of customers were asking for cross body so I listened and here's the first one fresh off the sewing machine!  I added an outside pocket for easy quick access to the things you need, aka your phone.   

All the handbags can be found in the shop, and special thanks to my awesome little model who took the time out of her day off school to help me out with these purses. 


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