Friday, January 25, 2013

A Junk Update

I had been going through a box of neglected inventory that was sitting in a corner of my apartment and came across all of these goodies.  This picture is full of so many shabby chic goodies all of which have been added to the Junk Shop .   On top of these goodies I found this gem a long time ago and realized when I was going through my warehouse that I hadn't listed it yet.

This great metal Chemistry Lab Box made by skill.  I was completely drawn to the great mid-century graphics and thought this has the potential to be something super amazing.  I thought it would be cute hanging in a bathroom as a smallish medicine cabinet or first aid type kit.   It's in such great condition that I hope someone takes it home soon before I decide that I need to keep it... you've been warned.

Hope that you are enjoying all the new goodies in both shops, it's on my to do list to start organizing the warehouse so I'm sure I will have so many more goodies coming your way.  


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