Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Years Give Away!

Have you heard of the Curiosity Shoppe in San Fran?  No?  Well it is this great small shop full of eclectic things run by a husband and wife team.  "A shared obsession with the gorgeous and the unique inspired Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom to open The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco's Mission District. Crammed with the quirky and clever, the unusual and nostalgic, it's a haven for anyone looking to add a little surprise and delight to their home." From the Target Website

Well back in the early fall they teamed up with Target as part of The Shops at Target, where they showcase a few small businesses that come up with a line of goods specifically for the bullseye.  I may have went a bit crazy when their stuff came out because well I follow their blog, instagram and twitter and have been to their shop in San Fran and loved it all!

In my craziness I bought a few of their wooden United States shaped cutting boards to turn into holiday gifts of a different circumstance, aka not to be used as a cutting board, instead to be used as pretty wall art.  I also went a bit crazy with their tea towels that I turned into throw pillows for myself.  All of the cutting boards that were given as gifts are on the wall their new homes but I have one left and I'm giving it away to one lucky follower as a New Years Gift.

I turned the US cutting board into a chalk board that you can write your  travel bucket list on, grocery list or anything else really... all you need to do is become a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post of what your favorite US City is. Extra entries for liking us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter .  That's it super duper easy! The contest will end on Jan. 11th when a winner will be drawn and notified.

But really you should also check out the Curiosity Shoppe because they rock :  Shoppe  Blog   Twitter

Good Luck!  Over-N-Out


  1. Love!! My favorite city is Chicago :)

  2. Chicago is my favorite town. I love living here.

    I am a facebook follower...and a stalker of your rolling store at every Vintage show in town.

    Megan - No Chefs Allowed