Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sew I've Been Busy

Between Handmade for the Holidays and HoneyCraft Market on Black Friday I had a total inventory of six handbags as of Nov. 29.  Me and my little hands have been sewing up a storm to try and get ready for a small open house on Dec. 4 and my final show of 2012 on Dec. 15.  Then to top it off Michelle asked for more handbags for Dainty Daisies!  I'm so overwhelmed but in such a good way, my heart is so glad that each of these one of a kind gems is finding a new home with someone that loves them and understands and appreciates  all the hard work that goes into producing a quality handmade item.  

This new batch of handbags has a 2 inch longer straps as I was getting quite a few comments about how customers wished the straps were just a bit longer.  So here's hoping those 2 inches makes all the difference!  

If you are interested in one of these handbags, just an FYI that come January I will be raising the price a few dollars as the price of my interfacing that I use keeps going up every time I go to the store.  Until Dec. 31st the small handbags will remain at $25.00 but come January they will be increased to $30.00 and the Large Bags will be increased to $35.00 in the Shop.

Photo via my Instagram are you following along? User Name Junkindatrnkgrl

Hope your December is starting off nicely!


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  1. Good for you. I think sales this year are going great too. Good luck at your shows. Blessings from Ringle, WI.