Saturday, December 29, 2012

Junk Shop Update

While I've been on vacation I've been taking some time to go through some inventory and get it loaded in the shop and ready to go off to a new home!  Here's a few of the goodies:

Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book 1954 vol. 2 First Printing. Mom has her's displayed with her vintage lawn sprinklers, and I know that she has referenced it from time to time.  

1950s Lustro Ware Plastic Yellow Flour Canister   Great for storing anything from dog treats to buttons to even flour for your baking.  This would also make a great planter.  The letters are a bit faded but if you go over with a white sharpie they will look brand new. 

Vintage Polaroid Big Swinger Camera   Vintage camera from the 1960s pretty sure that it's still loaded with some of its original film, a surprise for it's new owner. 

There's a lot more to come everyone!  Hope you all had a great Holiday!


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