Monday, October 1, 2012

Vintage Guide to Chicago

I have recently become a contributor to the Vintage Guide to Chicago blog.  I get to go to area flea markets and review them, like that was a hard decision to make!  I recently wrote about Wolf's Flea Market at the All State Arena in Rosemont.  This is seriously one of my favorite area flea markets, mostly because it doesn't take an hour or more for me to get too it, and for the most part the Western side of the parking lot is vintage and antiques and the Eastern part is all of the things that "just fell off the truck".  So when I am crunched for time I know I can do most of the vintage side in an hour and completely skip the other side of the market, and jumbo jets flying over your head every few minutes doesn't suck either.

 I have found a lot of gems there,  but my most favorite find there to date though would be one Sunday, last summer a huge storm was rolling in and we had come across a guy that was selling old bikes and he gave us a great deal on a men's and women's bike because he didn't want to pack them up. He went on to tell us he actually got them together at an estate sale, so of course we couldn't split them up, and as we were wheeling them out we were approached by another guy that said he had an old bike like the ones we were pushing that he was looking to get rid of, so that day not one but three bikes came home with me!

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