Friday, October 5, 2012

The Past Few Weeks in Instagrams

Hey Big News I'm on instagram, and I'm addicted to it! My user name is junkindatrnkgrl if you want to follow along.  These are a few photos from my feed and some that didn't make it.  The past few weeks I have been picking up a storm, trying to rebuild my inventory after I sold 80% of it at the Vintage Bazaar at the beginning of September, and also out on assignment for Vintage Guide Chicago.   My pooch and I have been taking longer on our nightly walks by the duck pond trying to savor the weather before the snow starts to fly.   I found these Rogers and Matthews jerseys at the thrift a couple weeks ago and turned them around into purses like a mad woman.  Been trying to spend as much time with the kiddos in my life, that day we went to the Children's Museum and pretended we were mechanics.  Found some great golden books in an estate clean out and sent the Lassie one off to my  blog friend that has a Collie by the same name.

Hope you have a great weekend, I will be up in McHenry County selling at two different craft shows, if you are in the area come out and say Hello!


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