Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

I know it may still be October but I have been doing some "housekeeping" and set the deadlines for both shops order by dates to guarantee arrival for the Holidays.

The Custom Order Deadline for anything Handmade is Saturday, December 1.  If you are thinking that a child's old jersey would make a great handbag for that special someone, or a Tangled Princess print blanket with crochet edging is the perfect gift for the little princess in your life please let me know before December 1, either through a convo at Jadarie or through an email.

The International Order for the Holidays Deadline is December 11 and the Domestic Order  for the Holidays Deadline is December 16.

I will also be away from the shops from  Dec. 21- Dec. 31 the shops however will remain open but orders will not ship out until January 3rd.  Ok I think that's all the housekeeping business that I have. Oh and a tiny hint there will be FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING and DISCOUNTED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING in both shops from November 22 until November 26.


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