Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cottage Industries

When I first got my assignment for the weekend from Vintage Guide to Chicago to attend to the Grayslake Antique and Collectible show the first person I texted to see if she wanted to go with me was my adopted Mom down here, I don't think she even hesitated, and said Yes, she is after all my adopted mom and has the same interests as me.  We were perusing the booths and came across Cottage Industries, my adopted Mom actually saw her first because in her mind antiques and plants are tied for her most favorite things, oh and the White Sox, I better not forget the White Sox.

(Look at her rocking a Jadarie Handbag! She loves me)

 Cottage Industries mixes both of these together.  Carla is the artist behind these amazing creations, she takes these great vintage pieces, junk to some people, uses them as a container and fills them with the most beautiful arrangements of different types of plants to make them truly one of a kind pieces.   My adopted Mom took home the filter filled with the wonderful plants spilling out of it.

Carla can be found at the Grayslake Antique and Collectible shows on the second Saturday of the Month or if you are seriously interested I have her phone number, she sadly does not have an internet address to see her great pieces.

Carla is also had a fantastic aesthetically pleasing display.  Her booth was like walking into a mini garden shop and antique shop a great mix.

Talented isn't she?  If you are interested in something her card says will help you choose the proper elements just for you.  Again if you would like Carla's contact info please shoot me an email.


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