Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Currently A New Month

It's 3 days into October, how did October get here already?!  This is my favorite month of the year and it has been notoriously good to me in the past, so I'm crossing my fingers that it holds the same bounty this year.  Here are some the things I'm currently doing....

Location: home sweet home in my tiny apartment, with my 45 pound lap dog snoozing on my lap.
Watching:  gossip girl Season 5, and completely relating to all of it!

Eating:  nachos

Drinking: gold peak iced tea lemonade, seriously addicted to this stuff.

Wanting: things that I just can not have right now.

Needing: more patience right now in my life than I ever had before.  There are things that need to take their own sweet time right now and I need to work on handling that.

Loving:  the colors of the trees and the feel of fall.

Creating: lots of new handbags and a business plan.

Thinking:  that maybe it's a good time for a trip.

Wondering: if I am making / have made the right decisions about so many important things and if they will eventually turn out how I am hoping.  Deep breath.
I am excited and a bit nervous for all the new month holds.  How about you what are you currently up too?


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