Monday, September 23, 2013

The Last Summer 2013 Adventure

What do you get when you mix a balmy 75 degree Chicago September evening with a vantage point of what is debately my new favorite view of the city all while breaking the laws of physics with an adult beverage that smokes in hand?  Why you get an evening that is out of this world at the Adler Planetarium and their monthly adult only After Dark event of course.

It's a funny story how I ended up at the After Dark party for the month of September... I may have won the tickets by following the Planetarium's twitter feed and answered one of their weekly trivia questions correctly.  (Ya I'm a nerd, I own it and Crab Nebula for the win!) Anyway that is neither here nor there.  That evening, I saw the vast beauty of the Valles Marineris on Mars via satellite images in the show Welcome To The Universe, I learned all about different constellations in The Night Sky Live  and got to look at the Harvest moon through the Doane Telescope and felt for a minute that I was as close as Neil Armstrong had been. After the museum closed, I took a few minutes to look out at the moon and it's reflection on the Lake and reflect myself on how small we really are in this vast universe.

The point of this post is, the Planetarium at night with a DJ spinning, carrying adult beverages into all the shows, finally being able to see the stars in Chicago (irregardless that it was from the inside a building) and looking through a telescope that only astronomers get to look through was amazing and ended the summer of 2013 on a high note. Fall 2013 Here. We. Go.


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