Monday, September 9, 2013

  Nature is never in a hurry, she has seasons and everything that needs to be done is accomplished. It might not be perfect, even nature has flaws but the end goal is always attained.  Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways from the fierce wind battles they have had to endure.  But those trees, they take deeper roots, they have to in order to stand tall and survive.   Even in their uniquely bent flawed shapes they are still beautiful.  A few life lessons can be learned from sitting and staring at a tree, first and foremost a tree stands tall and proud no matter the weather that surrounds it.  A tree they never give up or surrender to the wind, they may bend and branches may break, but uproot that takes an insane gust and a pretty enduring battle. 
Like a bent and flawed tree we all carry our scars from our battles.  Some are physcially apparent but others we wear on the inside.  But all of those flaws put together, they make each of us who we are, a unique and beautiful part of nature that continues to battle the wind storms.  

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