Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Talk About Da Funk

 Working from home has a way of turning me into a bit of a hermit. With the exception of getting out a few hours a day for errands, client meetings, treasure hunting or deciding to work from my other office aka "the coffee shop with the green lady on it's cups" most of the time it's just me, T,  loud Pandora stations and my computer.  Which to be honest is nothing short of paradise for this introverted work horse. Being your own boss is amazing.  But lately, I've been in a bit of a funk, a funk that needs a major attitude adjustment.  I put it out there to a few of my self-employed collages only to find that they too are in a funk as well. An unispired, burned out funk. Tell me is it this time of year or is there something in the water?  How do you all adjust your attitudes any suggestion would be much appreciated. 

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  1. I go on a creative treasure hunt - yesterday in SW Wisconsin, NW Illinois - just to get ideas and inspiration!