Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's July and I'm Singing Christmas Carols

Happy July Everyone!  I  C A N N O T  believe that it is actually July!!! July 1st just so happens to be the day that Holiday show registration officially begins!  T and I stayed up until mid-night to sign up for one show and woke up for 6 am registration for another, all while singing "Deck the Halls".  I realize this makes me sound crazy but what can I say such is the life of an entrepreanur, trade in a 40 hour work week for a 100+ hour one can make you sing Christmas Songs in July.

This month is another full schedule for ye ol' Junk in da Trunk Girls here's the DL on where we will be selling our goods this month:

10 am - 4 pm  Madison, WI

July 27 & 28 10 am - 5 pm Both Days

Hope to see you guys out & about!

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