Monday, July 8, 2013

Black Tie Minus the Tie 4th of July

Number 10 on the 31 Before 32 List is visit The Ledge of the Sears/Willis Tower at Night and Number 29 on the list is wear high heels, what better way to knock out two birds with one stone then combine these two on the 4th of July and call it black tie minus the tie 4th of July.  Great idea right... well here goes the story.

I have never ever worn high heels before, honest to blog, I'm tall to begin with and have never really had the need to wear them, but one day I was thrifting and found a brand spanking new pair of Michael Kors black high heels in my size for $15.00! I couldn't leave those gems behind so there they sat in a box in my closet waiting for the right time to be worn. 

My list is hanging on my fridge and one night it came up in conversation about going to the Ledge and it also came about that a night with nothing really going on just so happened to be the 4th of July.  The suggestion of getting all fancified was brought about and the next thing I knew plans were made, Fast Passes to skip the line were bought and soon I was through security, on the express elevator to the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower on a super clear night to step out onto the Ledge in my heels, just in time to watch all of Chicago and it's suburbs light off their fireworks!

Seriously it was the most amazing and memorable 4th of July I've had, I thought nothing would be able to beat the fireworks I saw in San Francisco sitting on a hill looking at them straight on, set to symphony music but those were beaten out in three minutes time. There were so many fireworks being blown off that I had no idea where to focus my attention. I just kept looking out all different directions and every where I looked was filled with fireworks, it was breathtaking.

Going to the top of Sears Tower or the Hancock on the 4th of July is something that I hope to try and do again someday as it put the 4th of July in an entirely new perspective. And alas I don't think that I will be wearing high heels again anytime soon as those little beauties destroyed the tops of my toes. The Kors however are safely put back in their box and awaiting another adventure perhaps just one that is going from the car to the door someplace.

How about you where is the coolest place you've seen fireworks?


*All photos taken with camera phone*

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