Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Garage & The Belber Trunk To Hold Your Junk

This Sunday April 21st is the Vintage Garage Chicagos' Season Opener.  Word on the street has it that there are going to be well over 100 vendors with quality vintage merchandise at the show.  I'm going to give all of you faithful friends a preview of one of the unique pieces that I will be bringing.  On top of this gem I will also have many small items similar to those items in the Junk Shop.   

Now let's talk about the Belber Wardrobe Trunk. 

The Belber Trunk & Bag Company was one of many companies that made a variety of trunks during the late 1800s and 1900s. Belber Trunk & Bag Company was founded in 1891. In 1920, Belber's manufacturing facility operated out of the Larkin/Belber building in Philadelphia.  This trunk is a  wardrobe style. In the July 1920 issue ofCosmopolitan, a Belber ad described the trunk as follows... "A Belber wardrobe trunk is a closet and dresser combined. Clothes hang up on hangers - place for shoes, for hats, for underwear, for laundry, for small accessories. Everything kept neat and orderly - nothing mussed or wrinkled. No more trouble than to pack it than to hang things in a closet - and you needn't unpack it at all. Simply take things out when you want them and place them back again when you are through." 


This gem would be great in a small city apartment acting as a linen closet, in a studio to hold various supplies, or act as a coffee table or end table.  This is the 2nd complete wardrobe steamer trunk, and it will be up for grabs at the Garage on Sunday.  Just make sure that if you are interested in this beauty that you bring a friend along to help cause she's heavy.  I'm not sure how bell hops and stewards maneuvered these guys when they were full of someones possessions. 

The Vintage Garage is this Sunday, April 21 from 9 am - 5 pm and is located at 5051 N. Broadway in Chicago.  You can find all of the pertinent information HERE.  The event goes rain or shine as it is held in a parking ramp structure.  Hope I see some of you on Sunday!



  1. Good luck. Those trucks were so neat - but, you are right, I bet heavy.

  2. How much is my 1940 belber trunk Werth?