Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Boy

Well today we move into the terrible twos.... hopefully they won't be too terrible.   I can't believe this little man has been in my life for two years, lots of things have changed since he came into my life, but that however we will not get into here today.

This bundle of love is my roommate, co-worker (he LOVES to steal the packing tape), co-pilot, alarm clock, photo shoot bomber, sunglass eater, radio dial remover, tear licker, vintage toy tester, sous chef, shenanigans causer and constant.

 We can't go to the pet store or on a walk without at least 10 people asking if they can pet him, he needs everyone to know that the cuteness has arrived.  He has stolen the hearts of people that said they never liked dogs until they met him, and you can't come visit him sad and not leave feeling a little happier. Seriously life is so much better with a bulldog in it! Happy Birthday T, we may not always know what we're doing with life but together we figure it out!


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