Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday with T: Vintage Garage Prep

Happy Thursday Everyone,  T here taking over the social media for the day.  Mom is in full show mode, she's getting ready for something called the Vintage Garage that's happening on Sunday.  Show mode means our house is full of really good old smelling stuff that I have to keep walking around, until we pack it up in boxes.

We've been busy washing lots of things mom drinks her water out of, looking at these things in paper boxes with lots of little plastic pieces that I try and steal, wrapping things in paper that must be special, and taking pictures of big things that I want to climb in. 

Mom tells me that she's going to have a preview on here tomorrow of some of the goodies she is going to have at the show, so stay tuned. I'm trying to talk her into letting me come with to the show on Sunday cause it's no fun to stay at home with Grandpa when her and Nana will be meeting so many new people. I told her that I need to make new friends too, so hopefully I will see you on Sunday with my new bow tie.

Well I've got to get back to work, Mom just opened up a new box and there are some interesting sounding toys that are just begging for me to play with and hide under the bed.


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  1. This reminds me of our barn cats. One time I bought out a salt & pepper collection. As I emptied a box, I put it on my porch. At the end of the day, I picked up the boxes full of old newspaper...they felt really heavy...crazy cats made a "bed" in them...