Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursdays with T : Indy's Gone to the Bulldogs

Hello Everyone T here.  I talked Mom into letting me take over Thursdays here on the le blog to give you some perspective what it's like to work for Junk in da Trunk Girls.  Since all Mom seems to be talking about on here and her Facebook is our trip to Indianapolis I figured I'd tell you about it from my opinion.

It was the weekend before my birthday and Mom told me we were going out of town, not for vacation of course but to work.  We were going to the Indie Vintage market and I was going to have to work the weekend before my birthday what gives? So on Saturday I worked the booth at the Indie Market, I made alot of new friends, " Hey New Friends"

On Sunday Mom finally let us go exploring, I mean I had never been to Indy and man does Indy have lots of different smells!  We started the day at Three Dog Bakery where I did some shopping for pupcakes and cookies.

Mom said I got my treats it was time for her to get hers good thing right next door was a Starbucks with a walk up window for parents with pups to get their treats.  I met some of my cousins while Mom was waiting for her treat.  Us bullies we know where the good places are. 

Then we went to the Indiana War Memorial where I worked off my breakfast by running Rocky Balboa Style up the 200 stairs to the top. 

Indy is full of monuments and memorials the next was the Civil War Monument where I wanted to get the full perspective of the city.


By this time we had walked at least 4 miles in 70 degree weather so I had the draw the line and demand going back to the car.


Indy was a great city!  I was allowed to go into pretty much all of the shops on Mass Ave with Mom, I said Hello to everyone and we got to eat outside on the patio of a pretty good cafe.  Thanks Indy for showing this pup a great birthday weekend!


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