Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Month of Love- Antique Valentines

A few years ago my Grandma and I were talking about valentines and how I wished I had some vintage ones to display on a table, she said I've got something for you, she walked into the spare bedroom and came out with a box of valentines from my great-grandfather Thelmer.

Remember being in grade school and writing up a bunch of valentines for the kids in your class and then putting them in those mailboxes that you took an afternoon out of class to make with your teacher and classmates?  Well they also did that sort of thing in the 1920's as well!  My great-grandfather saved all the Valentines he got in a box and now I have that box full of Valentines!  I can't believe that these little gems are over 80 years old!  Here are a few pics of my favs!

My great-grandfather went to a one room school house in a very small farming community in rural Wisconsin so getting and receiving Valentines was kind of an indulgence to his struggling farm family. I can see why he kept them, the Valentines were a special treat and something that was all his own.


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