Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 1st Day of Sping

If it wasn't written on the calender that today was the first day of spring you'd think that we were still stuck smack dab in the middle of winter what with the whole 17 degrees that it is here in Chicago!  I'm really over winter's gray doom and gloom so I thought to cheer myself and those of you that read this blog I'd post some of my favorite things about Spring.  It may not be one of my most favorite seasons because it's so finicky but I am welcoming it with arms wide open this year!

#1 Puddle Jumping- Nothing is more fun to me then stomping through the puddles in my gloushes, not my high heels.


#2- The way that the light FINALLY filters through the window and that it's lighter longer. God I love the sun, it makes me so so so happy!

#3- Sunglasses, I may have a small sunglass problem !

#4- Pink Peonies in a Mason Jar love love love the smell

#5- Road trips with the windows rolled down and the music turned way up!

#6- Flowing Dresses and Big Summery Hats

How about you what are some things that you love about Spring?  And are you as over winter as I am? Time to get back to packaging orders and pricing new merch for our Minocqua booth

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  1. I like the return of the Robin and birds singing. I am tired of the snow and cold too. I'm making needle felted Easter eggs for my booth. Blessings from Ringle.