Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Afternoon With Dickey Bird

Over the weekend I went back to Wisconsin for some family time, my mom was celebrating her birthday and I made the rounds to visit the rest of the fam.  A few days up there isn't enough to make all the rounds and give everyone their equal share of Jade time but they all got a little.   For my mom's birthday we usually meet somewhere half way between Chicago and the ol' hometown and antique.  This year however we decided that me coming home was a better option.

I had all afternoon Friday to myself since everyone was working so I ventured to some of my favorite picking spots, while I was out I was chatting with Dickey Bird  aka Jacky and she suggested that I come out to her farm and "pick" through her pole barn.  I asked my mom and she was all for it, I felt bad I mean here is my time with my mom and I'm working but she didn't mind.  We found some great things and had lots of laughs with Jacky so it was a very enjoyable time.  Jacky is such an amazing soul and every time I talk to her or get a comment from her it just makes my day she is such a positive person. 

Jacky also surprised me with a "Flora & Fauna " Enid that she found in a recent estate clean out, putting my collection up to 10!  This one was from an Austrailian war bride, and the story Jacky told me about her is amazing.  I love that each of my Enids have a story to go along with them.

Time now to clean some of the pole barn finds, they will deserve a post all their own!


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  1. I'm glad you had a good time. I was thinking about this after you left, I had some great people that helped me with my business when I first started too. That is what we are supposed to do. This is a competitive business. Success will come when you put forth the right attitude - and you are well on your way. Blessings from Ringle.