Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Timing Is A Bitch

Yesterday was one of those days, you know the ones where life just overwhelms you? A day when your to-do list is so long but that you decide to just say F- it, grab a huge coffee and head to the dog run for the magic hour.  For those of you non-photogs, the magic hour is the hour right before sunset when everything the light touches looks magical.

Life is overwhelming here lately, I have returned to the full-time work world which was not my intention but  doing this entrepreneur stuff  all alone was getting financially rough and an opportunity arose at a time I needed it most.  I am back to the constant struggle within myself of following and making time for my dreams/passion after punching the clock for the "man".  I'm finally giving you an explanation as to why there hasn't been new inventory added lately to da ol' Etsy shop, why my blog & facebook posts have been so sporadic and why I have been so distant and flakey to those that are close to me. Because there just are not enough hours in the day. 

One of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life was the one I made 18 months ago to leave the full-time world and do my own thing. Unfortunately it gave me a taste of what I really really really want and when I felt the most me. But this crazy world of ours will not let me have that just yet, because timing is a bitch. The most rational  answer was that I  clearly just needed to find myself a sugar daddy. But since I believe in working hard to get what you want and don't believe in sugar daddies, the ol' fulltime work world was the lingering legitimate answer.

 I apologize to you Trunk Nation that you will not find me popping up so much this summer season, I will not be able to meet for coffee on a Tuesday at 2pm, and that the shop updates will not be as consistent as they were before. But please don't give up on me,  I'm still chasing my crazy entrepreneur  dream, formulating new ideas and in true Jadarie fashion trying to do a million things at once, because that's just how this girl  rolls.



  1. My experience has taught me that each step in life, whether it be a trial or triumph, is a necessary one we must live through to prepare ourselves for the next. Would we choose some of the things that have happen to us - my answer is NO - did I decide to use the lesson learned to help me - YES. You are one creative, smart woman - you've got this - keep your head up and keep chasing your dreams. As my mom would say "this too will pass" - I say this as I am trying to get out of a slump of a very challenging unproductive 6 months of my life

    1. Thanks Dicky Bird for believing in me and inspiring me every day! I am blessed to have developed a relationship with you. :)

    2. well, I feel the same about you. Blessings