Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday With T : Date Night With Mom

Hello Everyone T here.  Haven't been around this space in a while and wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing, everyone surviving the Polar Vortex as they call it on the news?   Mom and I are trying too but I have been getting a bit stir crazy only going out for a few minutes to do my business each day.  I haven't been on a proper walk since Christmas at Grandpas and I haven't been out of eye sight of my house since January 12th.  Needless to say I think Mom was starting the feel the same way the other night because after dinner she said we were going on a date to get dessert and we ended up at the puppy store!  I freaking love the puppy store, the smells, the new humans to say Hello too and new animals to sniff.  But the number one reason why I love it the most is because the humans that are all dressed alike give me cookies... so many different kinds of cookies!  Here's a few pictures Mom took of our date night.

 I can hardly wait to get my sniff on.

First things I sniffed out were the rawhides, don't worry Mom doesn't let me have these. Narrow throat dogs with palate issues like me and my bullie friends can not have these, but they do smell so delicious.

The next spot I sniffed out was the cat adoption area. Oh man, how I want one of these interesting smelling high pitched noise making super furry puppies. The one that I always encounter makes funny noises at me when I walk by his door  and puts his paw out but I never get to play with him. 

While I was by the cats I kept hearing the birds like I watch in the tree by my window, so I pulled Mom over there to check it out because I hadn't heard them in so long. 

 Finally! The holy grail of the puppy store, my beloved Treat Bar! Mom is very lucky that I'm so short and can not reach those cookies without human assistance because I don't know that I could stop eating at just one.  Mom did treat me to a doggie oreo, because after all we did go out for dessert.

How about you friends, how do you get your human to get you out of the house? Where do you go?

Until I smell ya next time!
T Dawg

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  1. I'm glad you were able to "get you smell on" LOL