Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursdays With T : On The Road

T here it's been awhile since I've blogged, and I thought I would talk about one of my favorite things to do, travel.  As you know Mom and I travel to lots of different destinations selling all of our different things, seeing family/friends and therefore spend lots of time in hotels.  Let me tell you how much I LOVE hotels. I get to meet so many new people which is one of my favorite things to do and there are so many amazingly different smells.  There are a few things though one should remember when travelling with a dog in tow and I thought I'd help you out.

Mom says that it is a bit of a challenge sometimes to find a hotel that will allow dogs, so she uses this website called  Bring Fido but there are many out there another good one is called Pet's Welcome .  They are so easy to navigate that even I can do it, just enter the city that you are going to and it will give you a list of the hotels in the area that allow us four legged friends as well as local dog parks and walking trails. 

I will be honest mom only uses those websites when there is no La Quinta Inn hotel in the area.  We have found that all La Quinta Inns' allow dogs to also enjoy their hospitality free of charge.  (Apparently a lot of other hotels charge mom a pet fee)  I love La Quinta, it's always clean, my bed is always so huge that I even let mom sleep in it, they almost always tend to have a big area of grass for me to sniff and mom always come back in the morning with a plate full of food.

Another thing to remember when traveling with a pet is to bring along a few of our favorite things to help us feel comfortable.  When packing up mom will always tell me to pick out a toy to bring and she packs it in my travel bag along with my food, dish, blanket and of course cookies.  I will be honest, sometimes it's hard to adjust to hotel staying because there are all sorts of new noises and smells but when I have my blankie and bones from home I feel better.

Well I hope that helped some of you fellow pets when you travel with your human.  Please feel free to share any other tips.  Mom and I are off for our next adventure shortly, I can't wait!

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