Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday Covet List Or A Few of My Favorite Things

Here's a few of the friviolous things I'm currently coveting...

 Junk Gypsy's are two of my fav gals and now they have a limited edition truckers hat avaliable in Buckle stores!

Paddy Wax Blood Orange and Bergamot Candles.  These are the best smelling things around burned through my first couple in a few weeks and now I'm out!

I LOVE  pretty much anything and everything from LUSH but this stuff is the bomb diggity! I had a killer sunburn after hanging with the niece at the pool and this stuff worked better then aloe... just saying it's crazy awesome!

These boots seriously... I NEED them in my life like a hole in my head but they are all sorts of amazing!

This BookZine would be a great addition to my business library....

I am currently in the process of giving up my beloved soda, but I still need  that caffiene, and this adorable french press seems like the perfect solution to my new iced coffee addiction.

Except Opposite with an unlimited Uniqlo  Anthro & Century 21 shopping budget! :)
And no list of mine is complete without and Enid ofcourse!

How about you what are some of the things you are coveting?


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