Monday, June 17, 2013

Belated Father's Day


This weekend was Father’s Day and to be honest Father’s Day was a day that for alot of years that my dad and I just let quietly pass by as we did not have the greatest of relationships for a while. We didn't talk, we argued about alot of things and we just didn't get each other. 
 I will be honest, the thought of not telling my dad thank you for all he has helped me with the past couple years is something I just won’t do.   As of recently my dad is my #1 cheerleader of chasing this dream called Junk in daTrunk Girls, he tells me every chance he gets that he is behind me, that’s he’s proud of how far I’ve come and can’t wait to see how much more is to come, he supports me taking chances, and above all else he will camp out at an estate sale to get a good number and text me all his finds. He will watch T while I am on an all day buying trip, and basically take care of T while I'm up there. 
 He’s seriously my #1 picker, he scours craigslist for hours and sends me countless links every day of the cool stuff he’s found and asks if he wants me to make a phone call or drive over and check it out.   So thanks dad for all you’ve done for me all you continue to do and above all thanks for loving me through the brat years, even if we haven't fully left them yet.  Keep picking dad, you and step-mom find the coolest stuff!  Love you!

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